Our greatest strength. Creativity means successful ideas, imagination and, of course, passion.
From film promotion campaigns to designing logos and graphics.
Starting from nothing to create a successful product.

Design and development of:

  • Cinema trailers
  • TV and radio spots
  • Promos
  • TV Formats
  • TV Specials
  • Graphics, outdoor, In theatre, promotional stills
  • Web Design (skin, banner, cover, intro interstitial)
  • 2D and 3D Motion Graphics
  • Motion Poster
  • 2D and 3D Video Logos
  • Logos
Video Production and Post-Production

Video Production and Post-Production

Three video editing suites with all the best hardware and software in the sector, providing quality and professionalism in all aspects of video production and post-production video editing.

  • Cinema trailers
  • TV Spots
  • Promos
  • TV Formats
  • TV Specials
  • Institutional Videos & Promos
  • Music Video Clips
  • 2k and 4k Editing
  • Off-line & On-line Editing
  • Movie Delivery for on-demand platform (Amazon, Netflix, Rai, Sky)
  • Blue-Ray Authoring
  • Color Correction
  • Mastering various supports: HDcam, Digital Beta, BetaSP
  • Quality Control
DCP (Digital Cinema Package) Production

DCP (Digital Cinema Package) Production

The world of the cinema has changed, and polyester film has now been superseded by DCP (Digital Cinema Package), a series of encoded and encrypted data that transmit the sounds and images of the film.
The film projector has been replaced by a digital cine projector in line with international 2k and 4k standards.
Our lab is equipped for all processes from post production to DCP file printing, and then on a support for digital projector servers – USB pen for trailers or hard disks for films.

  • DCP Decoding
  • DCP Encoding
  • DCP Mastering & Duplications on Usb Pen or Hard Disk
  • KDM Creation & Delivery
  • DCP Delivery for OpenSky, Cedas and other DCP Satellite Servers
  • Video and Audio Quality Control in Cinema
Audio production and post-production

Audio production and post-production

Audio is a fundamental part of every audio-visual product, and we take special care with it, in the creativity involved in developing a sound design for logos and with post production, which includes a number of operations that enable us to enhance and deliver a perfect mix in the cinema or on TV.

  • Sound Design for Videos, Films, Trailers, Spots
  • Sound Design for Logos
  • Audio Editing
  • Cinema 5.1 Mix
  • TV Stereo Mix (AGCOM Specs)
  • Audio Mix for on-demand delivery
2D and 3D Motion Graphics

2D and 3D Motion Graphics

Our graphics department offers two suites for creating animated graphics, or motion graphics, in 2D and 3D, using the best software available in the sector.

  • Creation of 2D video logos
  • Creation of 3D video logos
  • Localisation of graphics from abroad
Still Graphics

Still Graphics

Still graphics is another of our great strengths. Three suites for the creation of all types of graphic product and technical support for correcting work, templates and other products to be modified.

  • Design and development of logos
  • Designing posters and fliers
  • Localisation of posters and fliers
  • Design and development of advertising pages
  • Below the line